Optimize Yourself With Rouge Red Light Therapy

The #1 choice for serious athletes and biohackers, worldwide.

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Why Choose Rouge?

Power, size, and precision lead to great results and happy customers. See why rouge has become so popular so quickly.

  • FDA Class II Medical Devices

    All Rouge devices are registered with the FDA by our manufacturer as class II medical devices, and are indicated for the relief of muscle spasms, minor muscle & joint aches, as well as pain & stiffness associated with arthritis. 

  • Proof: The Most Powerful Panel

    The Rouge Pro was tested by independent testing firm ITL Boulder who also tested Joovv and Mito products - Rouge comes out on top of both competitors for Power Density with more than 2X the power density of MitoMax and almost 3X that of Joovv Solo. Click here to read more.

  • Therapeutic Grade Red and Near Infrared Wavelengths

    All Rouge panels shine with precisely calibrated 660nm red to work at the skin level, and 850nm near infrared to penetrate beneath the skin and work on  your joints, tendons and muscles.

  • The Famous Rouge Satisfaction Guarantee

    We are confident you'll love your Rouge red light therapy machine. That's why we guarantee your satisfaction with a 60 day trial period, and guarantee all Rouge panels to be free of defect for 3 years.