The Rouge Curve – A Great Choice for Smaller Clinics, Spas and Gyms

With red light therapy’ growing popularity, many business owners are looking to add this safe, noninvasive, widely beneficial, soothing treatment to their offerings. The perfect addition to any healthcare setting, spa, gym, salon - red light therapy is being sought after by an increasingly demographically diverse population.

There are many options out there when considering red light therapy. Mats, panels, laser treatment devices, and beds. They all have their own pros and cons – from pricing, logistics, comfort, effectiveness, client perception and more.

When choosing red light therapy for a commercial space, many of the practical aspects of doing so should be taken into consideration. The business owner needs to ask themselves the following questions:

  • What is my budget
  • How much staff interaction and labor is required
  • How much space will be needed
  • Will I need an electrical upgrade
  • What kind of user benefits are available with my choice of devices
  • What kind of user experience would I like to offer

A brief overview of some of the different red light therapy devices currently on the market:

Mats - These come in different formats, they can be made of neoprene, plastic and other supple materials, with the red light LED’s embedded into the mat. Most mats are designed for the user to lie on top. The biggest advantage of a red light mat is that it is cheap to ship, easily stored and relatively inexpensive.

The biggest disadvantages are that they must be cleaned between uses, provide limited coverage and offer a relatively low-tech feel.

Laser systems – These types of treatments are different from LED based red light therapy panels and are not really an apples to apples comparison with LED lights. They are usually classed as higher level medical devices and need staff with licensing to operate. They are also for treating very specific and generally very small areas of the body. A practice with a laser system may also include a red light therapy device, as the two do not truly overlap.

Red Light Therapy Beds – These are considered Cadillac of red light therapy devices. They carry many advantages, but their price tag alone may put them out of reach of startups and smaller clinics or businesses. The space needed for a bed may also prove to be an obstacle, as in most cases an entire room will need to be dedicated to a bed, as it cannot be rolled out of the way into the corner. Red light therapy beds also may require an electrical upgrade.

Modular Full Body Panels

When red light therapy first emerged onto the market, the only available solution for whole body treatments were offered in multiple panel arrays, which means that full body systems consisted of modular panels connected to each other with intricate wiring and configurations. These tend to be very expensive, complicated to set up and vulnerable to the failure of any one panel, which the failure of would make the whole system unusable. The other major disadvantage is the loss of light energy in areas where there are seams between the lights. They also tend to be somewhat unsightly as the many connecting cords can make it look less sleek and appealing to customers. Additionally, they are usually limited to vertical orientation which requires the user to sit, or stand for long periods of time.

Full Body Panels:

  • Vertical Stand This option is perfect for many small businesses, as some gyms goers may not mind standing for their treatment. Clinics with patients who would prefer to lie down or are unable to sit or stand for prolonged treatment times should look for a horizontal solution
  • Horizontal non-motorized stand This option is great if the panel is in a dedicated space and does not need to have the height adjusted. Changing the height on these stands can require two or more people
  • Horizontal Motorized Stand This may be a perfect solution for a business that does not need to frequently move the light and stand out of the way and tilt it into the vertical position.

The Rouge Curve - Introducing the Rouge Curve – the perfect product for smaller businesses wanting to add a serious level of red light therapy to their practice. We chose this product to add to our lineup because of the following features

-        Turnkey – requires minimal assembly and is quickly ready to operate out of the box

-        Little Electrical Upgrades Needed – The Rouge Curve can operate on standard current with a 20 amp breaker.

-        Lower price point- Compared to a bed or other commercial level red light therapy device, the Rouge Curve is priced to be within the reach of smaller businesses.

-        Low staff involvement – staff can show a patient into the room, give a brief introduction on how to use the light and leave. No wrapping the patient or sanitizing the device afterwards

-        Easily Stored – can be rolled into a corner by any staff member and tilted vertically for easy, fast storage – takes up much less space than traditional full body devices

-        Generous coverage for wider, taller people

-        Horizontal orientation means that treatment can be administered while patient is comfortably lying down

-        Works with most massage tables and beds – simply ensure that there is space beneath the surface of the bed for the stand

-        Powerful irradiance will ensure clinical strength light energy is delivered that will rival any other red light therapy device on the market

-        Curved design ensures that light is concentrated onto the body

We believe that these features make it a perfect fit for smaller businesses looking for big options. Patients and clients will love the ability to lie down under its generous canopy and enjoy the many benefits they can get from a soothing, red light therapy session at your clinic.

Rolling the Curve into place and setting it up can take seconds and can easily become part of your practice’s routine. Visit our the Curve page to learn more or call us for more details on how to add this beautiful new light to your business.

From a Rouge customer: My husband and I have been using our Red Light Panel for about 4 weeks now and we both love it! It has made a huge difference on sore muscles and aching joints! I just ordered a second panel today, can’t wait for it to arrive!! Thanks Rouge

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