Rouge Red Light Therapy Blog

  • Can Red Light Therapy Improve Your Vision and Eye Health?

    Vision loss in its many forms can be devastating. There is good news, however: red light therapy is gaining traction as a safe and effective treatment solution for a variety of ocular issues. Read on to explore how red light therapy can help you achieve clearer vision and healthier eyes, with long-term results.
  • Red Light Therapy, Vitamin D, and COVID-19: A Crucial Connection?

    It’s widely known that vitamin D plays a key role in maintaining good health. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to a multitude of health issues, including misshapen and weakened bones, weak immunity, depression, multiple sclerosis, and even some cancers. It’s also the main cause of rickets in children. 

    Despite its importance, an astounding number of people suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Given that exposure to sunlight is the most efficient way to absorb vitamin D, this widespread deficiency can in large part be attributed to a general increase in time spent indoors, as well as a change in attitude toward the sun in recent decades. 

    But what’s the link between red light therapy, vitamin D, and COVID-19? Read on to find out how red light therapy treatment can help keep you healthy and improve your outcome should you contract the virus.

  • Rouge Talks Red Light Therapy With Poker Star and Fitness Maven Leo Margets

    If you’re into poker, you’ve likely heard of Leo Margets. One of the top professional poker players in Spain, and certainly the most recognized female player in the country, Leo’s passion for the game has earned her close to one million dollars in live tournament winnings. Her success in the poker world speaks to a more general sort of passion, however. She is a fervent advocate for health, fitness, and a balanced lifestyle. In fact, her dedication to a holistic way of life has helped her break the mold of the typical poker player, and has helped usher in a new age in poker, in which players look at how their lifestyle and health as a whole can affect their game. 
  • Good News! Rouge Red Light Therapy Outshines the Competition - By a Lot!

    We sent our Rouge Pro for independent tests so we can see how do Rouge panels compare to competitors like Joovv Solo and MitoMax. The results: The Joovv Solo emits 2.0 joules/cm2/minute, while the MitoMax emits 2.5. By contrast, the Rouge Pro gives off a whopping 5.5 joules/cm2/minute. That's more than double the MitoMax, and almost triple the Joovv Solo!
  • Rouge Chats Red Light Therapy With Soccer Superstar Aline Reis

    Pro athletes and health and fitness leaders are discovering the extraordinary benefits of red light therapy. See what Brazilian soccer star Aline Reis has to say about the treatment, and find out how it can help you, too!