About Us

When Marc Poirier, founder of Rouge, started looking for his next business venture, he didn’t realize that the answer was right in front of him, glowing like a beacon. 

Marc had had a successful run with his previous business, an internet marketing software company called Acquisio. He eventually sold his company, and while his options for his next adventure were open, he wanted to be part of something a little more meaningful, to himself and to the greater community. 

Around the same time Marc was preparing to make this important change in his life, he was experiencing excruciating and unrelenting pain in his neck due to a pinched nerve between two cervical vertebrae, caused by benign scoliosis. The pain was such that he was unable to even lift his head. His visits to the osteopath would help for a few days, then the pain would creep back in like a rogue wave, ravaging and impossible to contain. His quality of life suffered, as did his family life; he had young twins that he couldn’t play with, and his partner was left to shoulder running the household alone. 

It wasn’t until the osteopath started using red light therapy that Marc began to see - and feel - a real difference. This therapy that he’d never even heard of was now, along with his continued therapy and exercises, the key to a pain-free life. 

Two years ago, Marc could not have imagined life without his literal pain in the neck affecting every single aspect of his life. Today, he can say that he’s been pain-free for over a year. 

He would call it a miracle, but he knows better. Besides being a leader in digital marketing, Marc has an extensive science background, having studied cognitive science at the PhD level. And those who know him talk about his unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Research papers, books, podcasts; he is constantly learning and absorbing information. So, naturally, when his attention turned to red light therapy, he devoured all the information he could find on it. 

What he found was a relatively little known concept called photobiomodulation - red light therapy - that has the potential to affect almost every part of the human body from the cell outward - from common skin problems such as wrinkles, sun damage, and stretch marks, to painful conditions such as arthritis, joint inflammation, and nerve pain, like Marc’s. However, largely only available in upscale spas and health clinics, red light therapy was quite expensive, especially since the benefits require consistent use.

The more he learned, the more he knew that this was his mission: to empower people to unlock the potential within their cells, to allow them to be their best - and healthiest - selves. To Marc, that mission meant providing people with affordable, at-home red light therapy options to suit their specific needs. 

He found a supplier in the city of Shenzhen, in China’s Guangdong province, that understood his vision, and with whom he has developed a close relationship, which allows Marc the ability to provide customized products for those with specific needs.

You can see why his team of suppliers is like family to Marc. When you pull up the support chat, it’s often Marc you’re talking to. When you have questions about a particular ailment and how red light therapy can help, it’s Marc that goes through his massive stockpile of research papers to find the right information for you. For Marc, Rouge Red Light Therapy is a passion project, one that he happens to be good at. 

While Marc is mainly the one behind the scenes, he does have a small team of like-minded, passionate individuals supporting him, including his partner, Shelley, an amateur athlete who’s as passionate as he is about red light therapy.

His biggest supporters, however, are his six-year-old twins, who have taken to asking for red light instead of band-aids when they get bumps and scratches.