Take Your Fitness Business to The Next Level With Red Light Therapy

The fitness industry has evolved quite a bit over the last couple of decades, with enthusiasts and experts alike welcoming a much more holistic approach to getting in shape. The scales seem to have tipped somewhat in favor of overall health rather than simply appearance, as well: where a tanning bed might have lived, you might find a smoothie bar, for instance. There might also be a greater diversity in classes, including meditation, yoga and nutrition.

At the same time, there has been a sharp increase in a-home workout solutions, from apps to Youtube videos, to smart home gym equipment. Consequently, many fitness business owners are looking for new ways to attract clients.

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Red light therapy may be the perfect solution for fitness businesses looking to attract new members by offering amenities that cater to an overall sense of health and wellbeing. Let’s take a look at why red light therapy is taking the fitness world by storm, and why there’s never been a better time to get on board.

What Is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is a therapeutic process that delivers concentrated beams of red and near-infrared light into the skin and deeper tissues, all the way to the mitochondria of the cell, where cellular energy is synthesized and distributed throughout the body in the form of ATP. ATP is what enables your tissues and organs to properly carry out their functions. Sometimes, especially as we age, the system lags. Red light therapy works by causing a biochemical reaction which allows mitochondria to use oxygen more efficiently to produce ATP. This increased energy means that your cells and tissues are able to perform more optimally, leading to wide-ranging positive effects wherever the treatment is applied.

Red light therapy is also known to increase blood flow, allowing for more oxygen to reach cells as well as more efficient waste and toxin removal. Finally, it also causes a reaction called hormesis, in which the body experiences stress at a low dose, allowing it to build up defenses against future stress. Strength training is a good example of hormesis: mild stress is applied to muscles, which increase their mass in response.

Want to learn more about how red light therapy works? This article covers the basics, or you can check out our blog for loads of science-backed info.

What Are the Fitness Benefits of Red Light Therapy?

The body of research on red light therapy for fitness is staggering, and it’s growing by the day. This article provides a thorough summary of the current research on the topic, as well as the mechanisms through which red light therapy works. Here are some of the highlights.

Increased muscle gain. Studies show that red light therapy applied before, during, or after weight training can increase strength and muscle mass.

Improved performance and endurance. Subjects who used red light therapy were able to delay exhaustion and muscle fatigue during exercise tests. Those performing cardiovascular tests were able to increase the time limit of exercise and distance covered. Researchers also noted increased pulmonary ventilation and oxygen uptake, as well as a decrease in shortness of breath.

Accelerated recovery and return to play. Red light therapy can shorten recovery time, both between workouts and after injury.

Increased fat loss. Subjects using red light therapy showed a greater reduction in waist, thigh and hip circumference, and cellulite compared to those who didn’t receive treatment (read more about red light therapy for fat loss here).

What Are Some Complementary Benefits to Red Light Therapy Your Fitness Clients Might Enjoy?

On top of its many fitness benefits, red light therapy can also treat a number of other issues related to health and beauty. Here are some that might be of particular interest to your clientele.

Skin rejuvenation. One of red light therapy’s most well-known claims to fame is its effectiveness in treating a multitude of skin issues. Some of these include tightening and plumping loose skin, reducing wrinkles, reducing the appearance of stretch marks, and healing scars and wounds.

Pain and inflammation relief. Athletes and fitness buffs are no strangers to post-workout pain, which red light therapy can help relieve. Many people also suffer from chronic pain that prevents them from achieving their fitness goals. Red light therapy has been proven to be incredibly effective in treating a wide range of pain conditions. Read more about it in this article.

Improved sleep. Sleep is a huge part of a healthy life, and so many of us aren’t getting enough of it. Sleep deprivation can affect everything from weight to athletic performance, to mood and even immunity. Studies have found red light therapy to improve sleep by helping regulate your circadian rhythm.

What Are the Benefits of Red Light Therapy for Your Gym or Fitness Center?

Sure, there are other amenities you could opt for to offer your clients that extra something to keep them coming back. You could invest in a cryo chamber, a sauna, or a steam room, for instance. However, while all these products do offer some benefits, none offer such a wide range of benefits in one simple device as red light therapy.

These are not so much devices as they are entire rooms, as well. Given the size of gym equipment and the amount of space needed for fitness classes, you might already be feeling a little cramped. Rouge red light therapy devices, on the other hand, have a sleek and compact design intended for home use. This means they can be easily mounted to a wall or the back of a door, or placed on an adjustable rack with casters for easy storage.

Make no mistake, though: their compact design doesn’t mean they’re any less powerful. Rouge devices pack a punch, and in fact are more powerful and have a more concentrated irradiation than the other leading red light therapy brands (we’ve got the proof right here). Plus, Rouge offers the largest panel on the market, the Rouge Ultimate. It has a whopping 1,200 LED bulbs for maximum coverage. To compare, the Joovv Elite 3.0 kit has 900 LEDs.

More LEDs must mean it costs more, right? Nope! The Rouge Ultimate is less than half the price of the Joovv device. In fact, Rouge Red Light Therapy is one of the most affordable therapeutic solutions out there, costing a fraction of the price of saunas, steam rooms, and cryo chambers (and competing red light therapy brands).

If you’re looking for a new addition to your gym or fitness business, we’d say red light therapy is a no-brainer. Check out the Rouge family of red light therapy panels to see which device might best satisfy your clients’ needs. Looking for a custom solution? Chat with a member of our team today!

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