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  • Take Your Fitness Business to The Next Level With Red Light Therapy

    Red light therapy may be the perfect solution for fitness businesses looking to attract new members by offering amenities that cater to an overall sense of health and wellbeing. Take a look at why red light therapy is taking the fitness world by storm, and why there’s never been a better time to get on board.
  • Red Light Therapy Before or After Your Workout: Which is Better?

    From carb-loading to protein shakes, athletes and fitness buffs are always on the lookout for ways to optimize their workouts, and ultimately, their results. And when it comes to nutrition and supplements, it’s not only important to track what you’re putting in your body, but when, as well. 

    But can the same be said for red light therapy? In other words, is red light therapy more effective before a workout, or after? The answer, while not black and white, largely depends on your goals.

  • 3 Gyms That Offer Red Light Therapy…. But Are They Better Than a Home Device?

    Red light therapy is quickly finding its way into the spotlight in the health and fitness world. This is no fluke, as the body of research demonstrating its effectiveness in enhancing athletic performance and weight loss continues to grow. However, until recently, the only places to get treatment were high end spas and specialty clinics. Thankfully, as they say, the times, they’re a-changin’.

    As red light therapy becomes more accessible, many gyms across the country have begun offering the service to their members. Planet Fitness, Crunch Fitness, and Club Fitness have all stepped up their game with in-house red light therapy machines to help their members enhance their gym experience - and their results. The big question is: how do they compare to at-home red light therapy devices?

  • Red Light Therapy For Fitness, Performance, and Recovery

    Are you embarking on a fitness journey? Are you a pro athlete at the top of your game? Do you have an injury that’s keeping you off the field? Red light therapy is gaining quite a bit of momentum in the fitness world. In fact, many pro athletes are using red light therapy to improve their performance and endurance, and to speed up muscle recovery and injuries.