Rouge Red Light Therapy Blog

  • Red Light Therapy and Sciatica

    Sciatica pain can range from mildly annoying to completely debilitating, however, most cases may resolve with non-operative treatments such as Red Light Therapy. Given what we now know about the dangers of prescription pain meds, people are looking for alternative ways to treat sciatica. Read on to learn about how you can decrease sciatica pain and improve your quality of life. 
  • Red Light Therapy in the Management of Plantar Fasciitis

    Red light therapy is effective for the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis, a very common foot disorder. With each step taken as the heel strikes the ground, and tension gets placed on the fascia, the pain associated with this microscopic lesion can disrupt a simple walk. With red light therapy, you can improve activity-related pain and improve foot function.
  • How Does Red Light Therapy Help People Who Suffer From Tennis and Golfer's Elbow?

    Red light therapy is effective for the treatment of Tennis and Golfer's elbow. Improve and speed up tendon and muscles recovery of this specific disorder with Red light therapy.  Read on to find out how!
  • Your Lymphatic Health is Important, Here’s how you can combat Inflammation with Red and Near-Infrared Light Therapy

    Your lymphatic health is important,  here’s how you can combat inflammation with Red and Near-Infrared Light Therapy. Encourage healing by giving the body what it needs to generate new healthy cells that function properly, as opposed to healing by making sick cells recover. Ultimately, your lymphatic health can make or break how your body feels and functions on a daily basis. By utilizing Red Light Therapy you have an opportunity to change the course of a potential illness and the trajectory of your health by supporting your lymphatic system.
  • At last, Red Light Therapy for Menstrual Relief

    This one is for the ladies. Next time that Aunt Flo makes her monthly visit and the dreading feeling of staying in bed all day creeps up once again, don’t despair - we have the solution to help comfort you. Red Light Therapy can offer an alternative to medication to soothe PMS and discomfort. 

  • Can Red Light Therapy be used to treat Parkinson's Disease? Read on to find out more

    Parkinson's gradual erosion of infinitely important abilities underlying fine and gross motor skills affects every movement a person makes such as walking. Learn how Red Light Therapy can better assist an individual with this debilitating disease and find comfort in alternative therapies such as Red Light Therapy. 
  • New Product Alert! Introducing the Rouge X Targeted Red Light Therapy Device

    The brand-new Rouge X Targeted Red Light Therapy Device consists of a single bulb for targeted treatment. So how is it different from our more traditional panels? And who stands to benefit most from this device? Let’s take a look.
  • Does Red Light Therapy Belong in the barn? Horse experts say Yes!

    Red Light Therapy is a wonderful addition to any human household, but what about the barn?  In this post, we discuss the many benefits that Red Light Therapy can bring to your horse’s health and wellness.
  • The Skinny on Red Light Therapy for Skin

    What makes our skin so remarkable is also what makes it so vulnerable to various conditions and irritations, not to mention aging. It’s a lot of work being the gatekeeper 24/7! And given its sheer size, a lot can go awry. This article will touch on some of the more common skin afflictions and how red light therapy can help improve them. 
  • Hit the ground running with Red Light Therapy

    Ready, set, and go! Rouge is your best bet to combat running related injuries. Rouge is the most effective device to get back to your running routine post running related setback. Here we outline all the benefits to using Rouge to add to your running routine. 

  • Red Light Therapy and Animals - A Great Treatment Option For Dogs

    Red light therapy is effective for our loving dogs for the treatment of aging bones, scares and joint inflammation.  Benefits include improved mood and energy as well as the improvement of wound healing. Read on to find out more!
  • Heal Wounds Faster and Improve the Appearance of Scars With Red Light Therapy

    Red light therapy is remarkably effective for the treatment of wounds and scars. Just a few minutes a day can improve your skin's healing ability and appearance. Read on to find out how!