Biohacking Shines A Light on Red Light Therapy

Exciting times are here! With many options available today that include emerging technologies, such as red light therapy, optimal health can be attained with a combination of other lifestyle factors. From biohacking to alternative therapies, these wellness trends are accelerating in the healing space. Even if we are given the same treatment plan, the healing outcome will be unique for every one of us. Essentials, however, apply to everyone. Ultimately, the source of healing comes from an intuitive, deeper connection with ourselves and can be found within individual bio-hacks. There is the potential to add new and noninvasive modalities to our wellness tool belt which will help generations to come.

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Introducing Red Light Therapy

To some, red light therapy may seem too easy or good to be true. This is where taking a deeper dive into the science and closely examining the biochemistry involved can really help enlighten even the most hardened skeptics. With the idea of biohacking emerging in today's world, red light therapy is rapidly rising to the forefront. Rouge has applied extensive knowledge, and research to produce the most powerful and effective red light therapy panels available today.

What many people don't realize is that light is a necessary element for our health. We weaken and challenge our bodies regularly, particularly our mitochondria, by spending most of our time indoors with limited access to natural light from the sun. Additionally, we expose ourselves daily to an overabundance of blue light emitted by screens from our smartphones and computers.

Understanding that we are all exposed to negative stressors, pathogens, and viruses and discovering solutions to mitigate the stress while boosting antioxidants and other health-promoting practices on a regular basis will help you live a longer, healthier life. Safeguarding ourselves is as simple as providing what the body needs. When combining biohacking health technologies, like red light therapy, with other healthy lifestyle factors, optimal health is possible.

What is Biohacking?

The term Biohacking refers to shortcuts that serve to improve health and wellness. Biohacking often encompasses aself-improvement mentality and covers an array of practices that may be a novel and at-times, surprising tactic. These can include health supplements, habits, or the specific use of certain products. The sole purpose is to pursue enhanced physical and mental health.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

The emerging technology of red light therapy has impressive clinical studies and is solidly based on science - pointing to a multitude of benefits, particularly when it comes to mitochondrial health. With consistent positive lifestyle habits, such as following a clean diet or keeping up with physical strength and incorporating red light therapy, you have the potential to biohack your health

Photobiomodulation (PBM) and low-level laser therapies are terms used to describe red light therapy and can be used interchangeably. Although Red light therapy is not new and has in fact been around since 1967, it has been increasingly gaining attention for treating chronic inflammation and discomfort associated with health ailments. Since 2008, the Journal of Biophotonics is a peer-reviewed scientific journal focusing on research on the interactions between light and biological tissue. Additionally, it has shown much promise in speeding up the healing of wounds, treating inflammation, treating neurological illnesses, and penetrating deep muscle tissues.

 Biohacking with Red Light

We know from current research that inflammation and cell death are caused by oxidative stress. This cycle begins when nitric oxide originating in the mitochondria displaces oxygen by binding to cytochrome c oxidase, particularly in distressed or hypoxic cells.The excess of reactive oxygen species (ROS) then results in oxidative stress. Oxidative stress, as the name suggests, is problematic because it denotes an imbalance between free radicals and the antioxidants which serve to neutralize them. If not stabilized, a chronic overabundance of these unstable free radicals can interact with any number of molecules in the body by bonding with them, which contributes to the disease process. While some oxidative stress is normal, long-term imbalance might lead to health complications.

The photochemical effects of red light therapy treatment are similar to that of photosynthesis in plants as our bodies are also able to absorb light through photoreceptors in our cells. One of the hypothesized mechanisms by which red and near-infrared light lessens oxidative stress is by stimulating the mitochondria to release the nitric oxide, which in turn acts as a vasodilator and decouples the competitive bonding with cytochrome c oxidase mitochondria, which then allows for the mitochondrial uptake of oxygen.

When it comes to chronic conditions, there is often a correlation between inflammation and disease within the body. Most research suggests that most chronic conditions stem from inflammation due to oxidative stress in the body and can manifest in varying degrees of health ailments.

With health-promoting light easily accessible, we have the potential to prevent inflammation and possibly prevent chronic conditions from happening in the first place. Red light therapy reduces oxidative stress by allowing oxygen back in. Improved health and well-being result from the restoration of optimized mitochondrial activity. Learn more about the benefits of red light therapy!

Upgrade Your Health and Wellness Regimen

Biohacking holds many possibilities in the healthcare sector and can be integrated into rehabilitation programs that may include physiotherapy, IV infusions, and many therapies alike.

The future of chronic disease management is changing by the day. With scientific literature outlining the healing effects of red light therapy, we can get closer to achieving a more balanced and health-promoting lifestyle.

Areas of your life to reap the Benefits of Biohacking with Red Light Therapy

    1. Restful sleep: Sleep hygiene is important. Due to living in a modern industrial world where connecting to natural resources can be challenging in many circumstances, there is an opportunity to bridge the gap from light deficiencies with red light therapy. Using Red Light Therapy upon waking, can reset your circadian clock.
    2. Stress Management: Red Light Therapy can have an added benefit to achieving deep relaxation.
    3. Red Light Therapy For Fitness, Performance, and Recovery: Integrating red light therapy into your exercise regime can increase circulation, contribute to muscle regeneration and ultimately transport nutrients and oxygen to the body’s cells and tissue. Biohacking with red light therapy offers numerous ways to improve your daily exercise, repair your body, and improve your overall performance. Numerous studies on athletes have discovered that it enhances muscle function while also minimizing post-exercise muscle soreness.

The revolution of biohacking is here, final thoughts on biohacking your life with Red Light Therapy:

While integrating biohacking with red light therapy into your life or your wellness practice, beneficial improvements may be a result. Before adopting red light therapy for medicinal purposes, it needs to be noted that you must always consult with your healthcare professional for best practices and further advice.  

Because there are so many various red light therapy panels on the market, we suggest that you do your research prior to deciding on one. Not all panels are made alike and it's important to break down your therapeutic goals.

We hope you're ready to buy a red light panel to use at home or in your wellness space.The Rouge Red Light Therapy devices are among the most powerful currently available. See how Rouge stacks up against other leading brands. These high-quality devices are not only functional but also easy to integrate into your home and lifestyle.

We use cutting-edge technology to exponentially improve your health at the cellular level. Shop the Rouge family of red light therapy devices today for a chance at discovering what this type of biohacking has to offer!

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